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This tendon is very important in locomotion because it flexes the hoof as the horse moves. It also acts as part of a the “suspensory apparatus” as part of the “sling.” Superficial digital flexor tendon: This tendon also originates from a muscle and becomes a thick tendon just above the carpus. As a result the horse has very long flexor tendons, of which there are two — the superficial digital flexor tendon, which has most of the spring-like function, and the deep digital flexor tendon. 17.09.2016 · Superficial and deep digital flexor tendons equine Science Equine. Loading. Horse shoeing for tendon injury!!!. Flexor Tendon Anatomy And Injury - Everything You Need To Know. Tendon and ligament injuries. Horses have extensor and flexor tendons, located on the front and back of the fore and hind limbs of the horse. Tendon injuries occur fairly often in horses, and they can occur, for instance, when the horse is injured or falls ill. A veterinarian often uses an ultrasound scanning to diagnose tendon injuries.

Learn about the veterinary topic of Luxation of the Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon from the Tuber Calcanei in Horses. Find specific details on this topic and related topics from the Merck Vet Manual. The superficial digital flexor tendon SDFT is an elastic structure that during maximal exercise appears to operate close to its functional limits. The biomechanical and biochemical responses to exercise, injury, and healing are still poorly understood but ongoing research is providing valuable new information which is addressed in this review. The most common tendon to be injured is the superficial digital flexor tendon, usually in the cannon region. While galloping, the fetlock joint sinks significantly, which is when the strain through this tendon is greatest. This perhaps explains why injury to the superficial digital flexor tendon is most common in racehorses and event horses. 370 Superficial digital flexor tendonitis in the horse Fig 1: Schematic representation of the collagen arrangement in superficial digital flexor tendon adapted from Kastelic et al. 1978. T ropocollagen Microfibril Subfibril Fibre/Fibril Fascicle CSA = 0.8Ð1.2 mm 2 Tendon 64 nm periodicity Tenocytes Crimp angle = 12Ð20¡ length = 11Ð19. It is the major extensor tendon of the leg. However, unlike the flexor tendons, a horse with a damaged or non-functional "extensor unit" i.e. tendon and musculature is not lame, but rapidly learns to compensate by "flicking" the lower limb using the carpal or tarsal extensor units.

Torn Horse Tendon: The Long Road Back from This Equine Injury. like a tendon laceration they sometimes form between the superficial and deep flexor tendons. Adhesions can make a horse very sore, but the fix is to go forward with your restricted exercise program. Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon The SDFT is the most commonly damaged tendon in the forelimb. Damage is usually the result of long-term overstretching of the tendon causing “wear and tear” to the fibrils long fibres that are bundled together to make up the tendon.

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